Spotting asbestos on a renovation job

asbestos removal

It’s easy when carrying out a renovation job to be focused on the outcome, and overlook some of the less obvious hazards on site. On average, asbestos kills 20 tradesmen in the UK every week, and many of these deaths could be easily avoided with a little bit of extra care and attention. Renovation jobs are usually fast-paced, and workmen will tend to pull a site apart quickly in order to get the job done, often overlooking the potential for asbestos. Asbestos is often found lurking in the unlikeliest of places, but being aware of where it might be found is an important step in avoiding health risks, including death.

Corrugated roofs

Does it look like metal? Look again! Asbestos can be a chameleon in commercial environments, and is often disguised as other materials. Look at the edges of a corrugated roof – is it crumbling? If so, do not disturb it as any dust inhaled could be lethal. Call in an expert to have it safely removed.

Insulating board

Don’t be fooled into thinking these will all have been removed, as a lot of asbestos insulation is left behind in unlikely places. Taking on the appearance of simple plasterboard, whole walls, ceilings, panels to the rear of electrics, packing, ceiling tiles, can appear to the layperson to be quite innocent, so keep an eye out for the telltale signs of asbestos.

Hessian sacks

As a country we’re always backing the recycling cause, and for the most part it works wonders, but it can have its downsides. Hessian sacks may have been recycled many times, and will most likely have carried asbestos in the past. This means there is potential for sacks to be contaminated, so always wear the appropriate equipment when handling.


Often made to look like rope wrapped around boiler pipes, lagging can be stripped and unsettled without a second thought, causing potential harm to anyone in the area. Remove boilers with caution!

If you think asbestos might be present at your renovation job, always call in the experts for safe removal and disposal. Don’t take chances, it’s never worth the risk – call AD Scott Consultancy today.

by AD Scott Consultancy Services Ltd