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AD Scott Consultancy – Services Provided

Here at AD Scott Consultancy, we are one of the leading asbestos consultancy companies in the UK. Our sister company is Think Asbestos which allow us to provide you with an unlimited amount of services that are available nationwide.

It is required by law that any non-domestic property built before the year 2000 within the UK has to be assessed for asbestos. Awareness training is also given to any responsible operatives associated with the building.

Our promise to you is that we keep you and the environment free from any asbestos related accidents and one of the ways we tackle that is Asbestos Consultancy. With a combined industry experience of over 60 years (Key Staff) and a company that has been successfully trading for 9 years you can have peace of mind that our services are provided with the highest level of professionalism.

We also specialise in Legionella Risk Assessment which is the cause of Legionnaire’s Disease. About 5-10% of pneumonia cases a year are caused by this organism so it is critical that the testing is carried out.

AD Scott also provide Fire Risk Assessments that keeps you and your staff safe, and free from harm. The areas in which we assess are: small and large offices, medical centres, warehouses, factories and many more commercial and non-commercial spaces.

Other services include Asbestos Surveys, Domestic and Commercial Energy Performance Certificates and Asbestos Waste Carrier and Disposal. We want to make sure that our clients receive the best experience possible and by working with a multitude of national clients, we promise to reach your expectations.

We are currently based in the North East but operate nationwide on a week by week basis. We are also connected to Leeds and Manchester as well.

For further enquiries and any questions you may require, please give us a call today!

by AD Scott Consultancy Services Ltd